Statement on Amendment #1 from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst
Thanks to the thousands of Missouri family farmers who made this victory possible. In my 35 years of involvement with FB, I’ve never, ever, seen this much enthusiasm and work from our members. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a grassroots organization, and tonight we celebrate what true grassroots participation can accomplish.
Statement from Mo. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder Regarding his Support of Amendment #1
"I support passage of Amendment 1 on Tuesday's ballot. This measure provides vital protection for Missouri farm families and agriculture, our state's leading industry. The Right to Farm Amendment will benefit all farms, especially smaller, family operations, which increasingly face threats to their way of life from ballot initiatives brought by fringe animal rights groups from outside Missouri. I encourage everyone to vote yes on Amendment 1 for the sake of Missouri farm families." -- Peter Kinder, Missouri Lieutenant Governor
Statement from MFB President Blake Hurst Concerning Broad Bipartisan Support of Amendment #1
We are pleased today to add the names of Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and U.S. Congresswoman Ann Wagner to the list of state and national elected officials supporting Amendment #1, the Farming Rights Amendment.
Op-Ed Regarding Amendment #1 by Blake Hurst, President Mo Farm Bureau
On Tuesday, August 5, Missouri voters will help decide the future of our state’s farming industry. A vote for Amendment 1 will help Missouri farming to grow, to thrive and to remain competitive both with the rest of the nation and the rest of the world. Farming is always a challenge. Markets are ever changing; droughts and floods alternate with the rare good growing season; bugs and weeds evolve to meet whatever methods farmers use to battle them. Farming is frustrating, more of an art than a science, and often dirty, dangerous and heartbreaking. Farmers know about plants and they know about animals, but they are often awkward when it comes to telling their story and describing their industry.
Statement from Mo Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst Concerning Secretary of State Jason Kander's Support of Amendment #1
We are pleased to include Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander among the growing list of elected officials supporting Amendment #1, the Farming Rights Amendment.
Stories that Need to be Told
With Missouri Farm Bureau’s impending centennial anniversary on March 24, 2015, I had an opportunity this summer to work on a project no Farm Bureau intern or staff has embarked on before me — I was tasked, in part, with telling the storied history of Missouri Farm Bureau’s first 100 years.
Bloggers are Brave Souls
You have a voice in the world’s conversation, just pick a topic. Social media has opened up what was once an information stream dominated by media to a world where anyone can be a journalist. As a result, many media outlets are redefining what it means to tell the day’s news. At the same time, those outside of journalism — governments, companies, organizations, citizen bloggers — are telling their stories through these newer digital avenues. The crux in this information competition is figuring out who and what to believe.
EPA Grabs for Dry Land - #DitchTheRule
The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to expand the scope of “navigable waters” subject to Clean Water Act jurisdiction was drafted, according to the agency, to reduce uncertainty. And that it does. It’s very clear the proposed rule is designed to allow the federal government to regulate every place water flows when it rains, including small and remote “waters” and ephemeral drains and ditches.
Great News for Future of Ag
The passage of Amendment #1, the Farming Rights Amendment, is great news for the future of Missouri agriculture. Although the vote was close, a majority of Missouri voters understood the issue and voiced their support for farmers. August 5th was a win for everyone who eats, as well. Our food supply is more secure because of the vote; we farmers will be able to continue doing what we do best, producing good food on family farms all across our state.
Growing as a Family Growing as a Family
The hundreds of families who purchase fruit and vegetables from Buckeye Acres see proof the family farm is alive and well when they meet owners Buck and Heather Counts.
Beyond the Hype Beyond the Hype
Navigating the aisles at the grocery store is something most, if not all, of us have done many times. Product packaging beckons “buy me” in the best ways marketers can muster in the seconds-long interval they have to catch a shopper’s attention. Packaging touts “all natural,” “organic,” “free-range,” “hormone-free” and more in the quest to appeal to consumers’ emotion, ethics and pocketbook.
A Healthy Balance A Healthy Balance
Cara Riekhof is a busy mom. She is no different from millions of other grocery shoppers who want healthy food choices on a budget. Although her family has cows and raises calves, she buys her meat at the grocery store. When it comes to food safety and the use of antibiotics in livestock, Riekhof understands both sides of the grocery cart. She and other consumers want to know more about antibiotic use in livestock grown for food.

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