How to Prevent Losing 1,000 Missouri Family Farms
China is farming 5 percent of the Ukraine and has farming interests in Australia, the U.S., Tanzania, Senegal, Russia and Zambia. They may own as much as 12 million acres worldwide, and Chinese firms are farming over 20 million acres outside of China. Why? Because China has 20 percent of the world's population, but only 9 percent of the world's land suitable for farming. Not only that, but people involved in the rapidly growing U.S. agriculture data industry, who are building databases made up of yield reports and soil surveys from American farms, report that Chinese agricultural firms are the best customers for that data.
Farm Bureau Opposes Eminent Domain for Grain Belt Express
Missouri Farm Bureau’s board of directors has voted to intervene in the Grain Belt Clean Line case which is presently before the Public Service Commission (PSC). Farm Bureau will oppose granting eminent domain to the company for the proposed electrical transmission line which it plans to build across northern Missouri. From western Missouri going east, the line would cross Buchanan, Clinton, Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Randolph, Monroe and Ralls counties.
Missouri Food Prices Trend Higher
Missouri shoppers paid more for food in the first quarter of 2014 than the same period last year, according to the latest Missouri Farm Bureau Market Basket Survey. Sixteen items representing a cross-section of agricultural products were surveyed. The total price rang in at $49.08 compared to $48.73 for the same items one year ago for an increase of $0.35 year-over-year.
Statement of Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst Regarding House and Senate Passage of the Farm Bill
"We’re very pleased at Missouri Farm Bureau with the Senate and House passage of the Farm Bill. It’s been a very, very long and torturous road, but final passage by both houses will allow the bill to be sent to the President’s desk. We hope that he signs it very quickly."
The State of Missouri Agriculture
At the first State of Missouri Agriculture event held in Jefferson City, State Senator Brian Munzlinger, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, spoke of the importance of Missouri agriculture to our state’s economy, identified challenges for the future and reminded Missourians of the affordable and safe food Missouri farmers and ranchers provide.
Why Cheese Is Essential to Ag Trade Growth
Gorgonzola, asiago, parmesan, feta—all of these are common in grocery stores and restaurants, key components of salads, pasta dishes and cheesy bread products.They are also known as geographic indicators, words that reference the historical origins of the products themselves, though all have been produced outside of those home regions for generations. In many cases, makers of these products in other parts of the world have spent decades building their markets.But now the European Union (EU) is seeking restrictions on how these common names can be used as part of a trade agreement it is negotiating with the United States.
Prohibiting the Foreign Ownership of Missouri Farmland
In the 1970s, Missouri and several other states adopted laws prohibiting the ownership of farmland by foreign entities. These laws were prompted by concerns that increasing foreign investment in American farmland could compromise our national security and domestic food production capabilities. Missouri’s prohibition did not apply to farmland used for non-farming purposes and foreign owners who became “bona fide” residents of the United States.
Hunters, Gatherers and Generous Uncles
I have worn glasses since the sixth grade. That said, even with corrected sight I find the Missouri morel an extremely elusive variety of mushroom to hunt. Everything blends together in monochromatic tones of brown on the forest floor to me, and finding that spongy texture is more difficult for some than others.
Encouraging Outliers of the Social Trend
The millennials are back in the news and the results are interesting. According to the folks at the Pew Research Center, only around a quarter of this age group (18-33) is married; they are having trouble finding jobs; and almost half the births to women in this age cohort are out of wedlock. Millennials are much less likely to attend church than preceding generations. Unlike their parents’ generation, millennials distrust most people, not just those over 30.
GMOs Exposed GMOs Exposed
People have been tinkering with the genetics of plants for thousands of years, and we’ve relied on genetic engineering to turn many plants into the fruits and vegetables we eat every day.
Feeding Fish Feeding Fish
The curvy, hilly blacktop and gravel roads in Douglas County offer beautiful Ozark vistas any time of year. Cattle dot the hillsides and hollers as the road meanders east of Ava toward a historic spring that has given life to animals and people for centuries. For the last six decades, it has been the heart of a family farm.
The Right To Choose
Agriculture is important to Missouri, and what happens in Missouri agriculture is a boon to the rest of the nation and the world. Because there is a nationwide movement to restrict people’s food choices and to outlaw farming practices and technologies that are important to farmers, it is critical that voters amend the Missouri constitution to ensure Missourians’ right to farm.

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