New Maps Raise Alarms about EPA Control of Missouri Land
A new interactive map of Missouri released today by the Missouri Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation at the Missouri State Fair shows how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will radically expand its jurisdiction over land use if its controversial Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule takes effect as expected August 28. That expansion comes even as major parts of the rule remain largely incomprehensible to experts and laypeople, alike.
Missouri Picnics Cost More This Year
As shoppers plan menus for summer outings, they will find food needed to feed a gathering of 10 people will cost a little more overall this year than last, but significantly less than the national average.
Statement by Blake Hurst, President of Missouri Farm Bureau, Regarding the Missouri Public Service Commission Decision on Grain Belt Express
Farm Bureau is extremely pleased with the action the Public Service Commission took today denying Clean Line Energy’s request to build a transmission line across northern Missouri.
Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Amendment #1 Election Results, Statement from Blake Hurst President of Missouri Farm Bureau
We are pleased the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in favor of upholding the election results for Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, approved last August.
Statement by Blake Hurst, President of Missouri Farm Bureau, Regarding Today's Announcement of Koster's Lawsuit against EPA
We applaud Attorney General Koster for filing this lawsuit against EPA and hope the courts will act quickly to halt implementation of the WOTUS rule as the issue works its way through the legal system.
Drones Bring Broad Opportunities and Implications for Agriculture
Though in their infancy, rapidly evolving Unmanned Arial Systems, commonly known as drones, are stimulating new visions for farms of the future.
Farm Kids and the Fair
Corn dogs, funnel cakes and Ferris wheels are what I used to think of when someone would mention the lovely, but in my mind dreaded, fair. Riding rides, sweating a lot and eating an unimaginable amount of sugar are what my family and friends always did at the fair. But there’s so much more to the fair — recently my perception has changed.
Rock Stars
If you have paid attention in the last few years, you have no doubt noticed farm names popping up on upscale restaurant menus and in grocery store aisles on everything from pork to produce. Farm name dropping has become a bit of a status symbol in some food circles, and an incredible marketing tool. It seems the farmer has become a rock star.
Gone, but not for good
I think they are gone. They’ll be back next summer, guaranteed. I’m talking about bugs – one in particular – the Japanese beetle. It is not an ugly bug, as beetles go. At about half-inch long, they have iridescent copper-colored wings and green head. If you see one near your roses or fruit-bearing plants, just wait until next year. They will bring friends, and even more the next year. These pests multiply over several years to the point that they literally devour all of the foliage on your apple tree or grape vines. If you have prize-winning roses, they particularly enjoy chewing on the center of rose blooms. From crepe myrtle to blackberry bushes, they like it all. If you have them, you know.
Succulent Summertime Peaches Succulent Summertime Peaches
Bite into a fresh peach from Dierbergs, Hen House Market or Hy-Vee, and you might be enjoying the literal fruits of Bill Bader’s labor. Bader owns and operates Bader Farms, Inc., a diversified operation near Campbell, Mo., the state’s self-proclaimed peach capital and home to the annual Missouri Peach Fair.
Filling the Gap Filling the Gap
For decades farmers have explored opportunities in local food markets, from farmers’ markets and CSAs to one of the newest approaches, food hubs. Filling that local gap has been a mainstay for farms serving farmers’ markets and CSAs, but many are re-evaluating aspects of their business plan to find ways to work smarter.
Change to Rock Island Line Under Review Change to Rock Island Line Under Review
Pending authorization by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Surface Transportation Board (STB), the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Missouri Central Railroad Company, owned by Ameren, plan to enter into negotiations to convert the Rock Island rail line between Windsor and Beaufort into a recreational trail.


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