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Growing stronger every day, Missouri Farm Bureau is the state's most effective organization working to improve the quality of life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians.

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Growing stronger every day, Missouri Farm Bureau (MFB) is the state's most effective organization working to improve the quality of the life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians.  The respect for this organization is reflected in independent public opinion surveys showing MFB to be the state's #1 organization with a positive influence on public opinion.  Organized at the grass roots, MFB has a local office in every county and a county organization run by local members.  By joining, members become a part of their county Farm Bureau, Missouri Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation.


On March 24, 1915, farmers and ranchers in Saline County organized the first Farm Bureau with the goal of improving the quality of life for rural Missourians and protecting the industry of agriculture. It was eleven o'clock in the morning when Mr. Paul V. Maris, a farm advisor in Saline County, lifted the gavel to start this important and historic meeting. Officially represented at this meeting, were ten Missouri counties: Buchanan, Carroll, Cooper, Jackson, Johnson, Knox, Marion, Pettis, Saline and St. Francois.

Missouri Farm Bureau serves its members through its varied affiliates; Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance Company; Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance Brokerage, Inc.; Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company; Missouri Agricultural Marketing Association, Inc.; and Missouri Farm Bureau Services, Inc.

From this small gathering, Farm Bureau eventually spread throughout every state in our nation and later into Puerto Rico. Missouri is affiliated with the world's largest farm organization, the American Farm Bureau, with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The Missouri Farm Bureau Federation is a statewide organization with offices in every county of the state. Each county has its own president and board of directors elected by county Farm Bureau members. The Missouri Farm Bureau built a reputation through the years based on credibility, integrity and thorough knowledge of the issues - a reputation that continues to grow.

When it comes to farm and rural insurance accounts sold and serviced, Farm Bureau insurance companies continue to rank at or near the top among all Missouri insurance providers. Our insurance companies continue to expand and strengthen their position statewide.

The company is a multi-line property and casualty company offering coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, boats, farms, homes, renters, businesses, liability and umbrella liability. Town & Country's roots go back to 1946 and 1971 when Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Missouri and Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company were formed to serve the insurance needs of Farm Bureau members. Then in 1977 both companies merged and became the company we know today. Town & Country is represented by more than 200 agents who sell our products in every county of the state. We are licensed only in the State of Missouri with all stock of the company owned by Missouri Farm Bureau Services, Inc.

New Horizons Insurance Company of Missouri was initially formed to specifically offer property insurance to customers who don’t otherwise qualify for standard property insurance either because of prior loss history or property condition. From its inception in 2005 until September of 2017, New Horizons, with its Flexguard policy, has served this market by protecting thousands of Missourians in this market.

Beginning in September 2017, New Horizons will expand its product offerings to include a more traditional standard property product (Safeguard) as well as a standard auto product. Initially, in Missouri, these two standard products will provide some customer communication in Spanish as well as English. We are excited for this opportunity to serve the Latino marketplace.

The Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company of Missouri is a Legal Reserve Participating Stock company. The Life Company started business operations in July 1950. By January 31, 1951, almost $13 million of life volume of the Charter Life Insurance applications had been processed.Now, the Life Company offers a complete line of life insurance products including whole life, interest sensitive, limited pay whole life and various term plans. Preferred and super-preferred premium rates are available for certain products. In addition, the company offers fixed and variable annuities which may be issued on a tax-sheltered basis.

Legacy Life Insurance Company of Missouri was founded in December 2016 and began writing life insurance policies in the state of Missouri on September 1, 2017. Like Missouri Farm Bureau’s other insurance affiliates, the mission of Legacy Life is to provide quality insurance products and services to Missouri residents. Legacy Life breaks new ground by focusing on providing services for Missouri’s Latino community, a growing demographic which Missouri Farm Bureau believes is traditionally underserved in the life insurance arena. Legacy Life Insurance Company of Missouri offers a variety of life insurance products that include both permanent and term life insurance policies.

The Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance Brokerage, Inc., is a wholly owned "in house" insurance agency licensed to operate in the State of Missouri.Originally incorporated on December 22, 1982, the brokerage operation is designed to serve Farm Bureau members by placing insurance coverages either not offered by or not available through any other Farm Bureau Insurance company.Coverages offered range from workers' compensation, non-standard automobile, professional liability, individual and group health products, disability, Medicare supplements, long-term care and many specialty coverages that complement those available through Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance Company and Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company.

The Missouri Farm Bureau Services, Inc. is a corporation established by Missouri Farm Bureau Federation to function as a holding company. The holding company "owns" Missouri Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance Company, Missouri Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance Brokerage, Inc., and Missouri Agricultural Marketing Association, Inc., and in turn is owned by the parent company - Missouri Farm Bureau Federation.