People of Missouri Farm Bureau

Growing stronger every day, Missouri Farm Bureau is the state's most effective organization, working to improve the quality of life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians. Members and staff strive to make the organization an honest reflection of the mission of the organization. Our staff members serve more than 115,000 members.

Federation Staff

Dan Cassidy
Chief Administrative Officer
573-893-1404 | email Dan Cassidy

"Agriculture sustains life and makes all things possible."

Randy Campbell
Chief Financial Officer
573-893-1525 | email Randy Campbell

Randy Seidel
Administrative Services Director
573-893-1501 | email Randy Seidel

Eric Bohl
Public Affairs Director
573-893-1468 | email Eric Bohl

Leslie Holloway
Regulatory Affairs Director
573-893-1409 | email Leslie Holloway

"American farmers and ranchers not only feed the world, but serve as leaders in our communities, schools and churches, and in short, exemplify American values. That’s why I’m proud to be an advocate for agriculture."

Spencer Tuma
National Legislative Affairs Director
573-893-1408 | email Spencer Tuma

BJ Tanksley
State Legislative Affairs Director
573-8931495 | email BJ Tanksley

Kelly Smith
Marketing and Commodities Director
573-893-1416 | email Kelly Smith

"Without viable, vibrant agriculture nothing else could exist. The passion, dedication and teamwork between staff and volunteer members results in great accomplishments for our organization that enhances agriculture and rural Missouri." 

Eric Volmer
Field Services / Young Farmer & Rancher Program Director
573-893-1411 | email Eric Volmer

Diane Olson
Promotion and Education Director 
573-893-1414 | email Diane Olson

"In our rapidly changing world, it is important to help students and consumers connect to agriculture as the source of items relied upon daily."

Jenna Korsmeyer
Human Resources Director
573-893-1456 | email Jenna Korsmeyer

Jill Fansler
MFB Foundation for Agriculture Director
573-893-1410 | email Jill Fansler