People of Missouri Farm Bureau

Growing stronger every day, Missouri Farm Bureau is the state's most effective organization working to improve the quality of life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians. Members and staff strive to make the organization an honest reflection of the mission of the organization. This team manages Missouri Farm Bureau's insurance companies. Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance is an exclusive benefit of Missouri Farm Bureau members. 
Insurance Management

Randy Campbell
Chief Financial Officer
Missouri Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies

573-893-1525 | email Randy Campbell

Sr. Director
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company of Missouri
573-893-1439 | email Michael Voiles

Keith Cramer
Sr. Director
     Legacy Life Insurance Company
     & Underwriting
573-893-1585 | email Keith Cramer

Jana Oliver
Sr. Director
Farm Bureau New Horizons Insurance Company of Missouri
Assistant to CFO
573-893-1406 | email Jana Oliver

Nick Schollmeyer
Sr. Director
Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance Company
573-893-1461 | email Nick Schollmeyer

Christy Clark
Senior Director of IT
Missouri Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies

573-893-1424 | email Christy Clark

Jim Berrey
Senior Director of Marketing
Missouri Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies
573-893-1492 | email Jim Berry