Show-Me Snapshots Photo Contest Picks up Steam
The fourth annual Show-Me Snapshots Photo Contest, sponsored by Missouri Farm Bureau (MFB) partnered with the MFB Foundation for Agriculture, is picking up steam as weather warms and seasonal crops begin to emerge for prime photo ops for photographers.
Agriculture Grateful for Gains During 2015 Legislative Session
For Missouri Farm Bureau, the 2015 Legislative Session will be remembered for early successes and late disappointments. Top priorities were approved and signed by Governor Nixon well before the session ended and proposals that Farm Bureau believed to be detrimental to Missouri agriculture were defeated. However, some important measures will be considered missed opportunities as a result of legislative gridlock.
Missouri Food Prices Shift in 1st Quarter
The American Farm Bureau recently released the results of its first quarter Marketbasket Survey in which 16 common food items are price checked. Nationwide the items totaled $53.87 while Missouri’s average price for the same items was $47.45, netting a savings of $6.42.
Important Agriculture Legislation Signed by Governor Nixon
Gov. Jay Nixon signed two important pieces of agriculture legislation into law today at a family dairy farm near Purdy, Mo. SB 12, the Ag Omnibus bill, and HB 259, the Dairy Revitalization Act, will enhance the ability for Missouri farms to be more efficient and productive. Both bills have been priority legislation for Missouri Farm Bureau (MFB) during the 2015 legislative session.
Farm Bureau Testifies for Agriculture Omnibus Bill
Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst testified before the State Senate Agriculture Committee today in support of the SB 12, the Agriculture Omnibus Bill. The farmer from Westboro said the legislation overall will provide stability and flexibility to Missouri agriculture.
Planting the Seeds for Smart Corporate Policy
These days it seems as much policy comes from the corporate boardroom as from Congress. Some corporate directors are hurriedly bowing to pressure not from their customers, but from vocal activists. The result is corporate policies that forbid farmers and ranchers from using tools to maximize production, protect the environment or care for animals.
Decoration Day
Decoration Day was always a big deal in our house, when I was a child. It was right up there with all of the major holidays — Easter, Christmas, Fourth of July. Getting gussied up, packing a picnic and flowers and visiting the country cemetery where six generations of my family rested was the schedule for the day.
Farmers Get a Move On for GMOs
When it comes to GMOs, there’s no shortage of misinformation. For too long, activists armed with non-scientific rhetoric have led the debate. With a rising number of companies like Chipotle trying to cash in on the fears surrounding GMOs, the facts get trampled by marketing campaigns.
Who's Driving
Complaining about Dad’s choice of radio stations was a common occurrence growing up. From the backseat of our Ford Crown Victoria, my siblings and I grumbled about his oldies music and let him know our preferred stations. It really didn’t matter though. As long as he was driving, he chose the music and would take our suggestions under advisement (or simply tune us out).
Filling the Gap Filling the Gap
For decades farmers have explored opportunities in local food markets, from farmers’ markets and CSAs to one of the newest approaches, food hubs. Filling that local gap has been a mainstay for farms serving farmers’ markets and CSAs, but many are re-evaluating aspects of their business plan to find ways to work smarter.
Change to Rock Island Line Under Review Change to Rock Island Line Under Review
Pending authorization by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Surface Transportation Board (STB), the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Missouri Central Railroad Company, owned by Ameren, plan to enter into negotiations to convert the Rock Island rail line between Windsor and Beaufort into a recreational trail.
Growing as a Family Growing as a Family
The hundreds of families who purchase fruit and vegetables from Buckeye Acres see proof the family farm is alive and well when they meet owners Buck and Heather Counts.


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