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Statement on Amendment #1 from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst

“Thanks to the thousands of Missouri family farmers who made this victory possible. In my 35 years of involvement with FB, I’ve never, ever, seen this much enthusiasm and work from our members. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a grassroots organization, and tonight we celebrate what true grassroots participation can accomplish.

This was truly a team effort, and we were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends from other agriculture organizations, members of the Missouri Congressional delegation, statewide elected officials and members of the Missouri General Assembly.

Congratulations to every Missouri farmer who has made a phone call, put up a yard sign, posted on Facebook, or talked to their neighbors at church or at the county fair. This victory belongs to you, and you can be proud of what you have done for Missouri farming.

Our opponents failed to convince people that the thousands of Missouri family farms supporting this amendment were tools of foreign or corporate interests. Missourians have too much common sense for that. Missourians also understand that the only huge, outside contributor to this election was the Humane Society of the United States. In the final analysis, the biggest foreign corporation involved was against the amendment.

We will, of course, have to see how a recount holds up, but whatever the outcome, we as farmers will continue to work to be worthy of the trust placed in us by Missourians by caring for our land, our animals, and our neighbors. We have to continue to improve, because Missourians expect and deserve the very best. Thank you for your votes, thank all of you for your hard work, and thanks to everyone for supporting Missouri farming.”


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