"Ag"citing Career Exploration

A  WebQuest for Grades 8 - 12, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University



every day we are affected by agriculture, both positive and negative. Agriculture is an industry with many facets. You will take a look at different agriculture related careers and the impact that these careers make.

By the end of this lesson students’ will be exposed to the opportunities that are available to them in the agriculture industry. They will be able to categorize careers and be able to explain what each career involves. 

Use a pen and paper to take notes for the following assignment.

Step 1:  Look at this Prezi of different agriculture careers.  List 3 that you are interested in and why.

Step 2:  Watch this video on agriculture careers and list 3 more additional careers that interest you and your reasoning.

Step 3:  Use the following resources to witness first hand agriculture careers.

Ag Journalism 

Ag Education 



Step 4:  Make a note of your favorite 2 agriculture careers from Step 3 and makes notes of why you like them compared to the others.

Step 5: Conduct research online or in text to find out the respective salary of each career that you noted, the education requirements for that career, a typical weekly schedule (example: 9am to 5pm or flexible 40 hour work week, weekends required etc.), where in the state is the job available, what major would you need to have in college to reach that career.

Step 6:  After your research pick 2 of your top 8 careers that you are most interested in.  Visit these sites to research more about the college major required for that career, if no college education is necessary research how you plan to reach your goal of having that career.  

*You should take note on the GPA required, amount of classes, if a masters or doctorate is required, any required tests to pass etc.









Step 7:  Finally write a 1-2 page paper on the career that you are most interested in. You should include your research, why you chose that career, the path that you plan to take, any plans you have to reach your goal (internships, job shadowing etc.) You should also include the positive and negatives with the career choice, how you will combat the negative aspects, what abilities you possess to make your plan a reality and include any roadblocks that you foresee.

Now that you have explored agriculture careers you have seen the "ag"citing opportunities that are ahead.






 (25 Points)


 (15 points)


(0 Points)

Complete Sentences

All sentences are written correctly with correct grammar and punctuation

At least 60% sentences are written correctly with correct grammar and punctuation

Less than 60% of sentences are written correctly with correct punctuation and grammar

1-2 Pages in Length

Meets length requirement of 1-2 pages

Meets length requirement of 1-2 pages

Less than 1 page in length

Cites Sources

Cites all sources and sources are credible

Cites sources and over 60% of them are credible

Attempts to cite sources, less than 60% are credible

Appropriate Content

Uses appropriate language, answers questions proposed by the prompt.

Uses appropriate language, answers at least 60% of the questions proposed

Uses inappropriate language and/or answers less than 60% of the questions proposed.

This WebQuest was created by teachers participating in Missouri's Agriculture in the Classroom program at Missouri State University through a USDA grant.  The template on this site was adapted from a template from The WebQuest Page and the original was designed by Dr. Lyndon Irwin.  Assistance for this project was provided by Mrs. Barbara Irwin, M.S. and Mrs. Diane Olson, M.S.

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