Agroterrorism WebQuest Page
A  WebQuest for Grades 8 - 12, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

Many governmental and private agencies are working to protect us from terrorism.  Since the Trade Center event of September 11, 2001, efforts to prevent further terrorist threats have been stepped up.  President George W. Bush has stated that "Agriculture ranks among the most crucial of our nation's industries; yet its reliability and productivity are often taken for granted."  Because of the importance of Agriculture in our daily lives and to our economy, it is generally recognized that Agriculture could well be a terrorist target.  Terrorists could impact our country by disrupting the food supply. Could they introduce something harmful into our milk supply, or disrupt transportation of meat, or bring a new plant disease into our wheat fields?  These concerns plus many others are causing many people to work together to determine what we can do to protect our food supply from terrorists. 

The term Agroterrorism has been used to refer to terrorists attempting to impact agriculture.  Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University have prepared a DVD entitled "Agro-Security - Safeguarding the American Food Supply" as a result of a USDA grant project.  This DVD is developed for high school students and is intended to help students understand vulnerabilities that our farms and agricultural businesses may have to terrorist activities.

WebQuests have been created to complement the DVD.  These WebQuests include internet activities in which students become more familiar with agricultural practices and the agencies that protect our food. There are also some case studies that will require students to make some difficult decisions.

Below are the WebQuest activities to complement the DVD.

Our Safe Food Supply - Food Production

Our Safe Food Supply - Case Study 2

Our Safe Food Supply - Is Our Food Vulnerable?

Our Safe Food Supply - Case Study 3

Our Safe Food Supply - Case Study 1

Our Safe Food Supply - Case Study 4

Teachers:  Request your free copy of the DVD "Agro-Security - Safeguarding the American Food Supply" by emailing Missouri Farm Bureau.



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