Writing a Cinquain Poem about Sheep or Wool
A WebQuest for Grades 1 - 2,WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University 

Write a five line poem about something that you learned from the internet sheep farm field trip or the video clips.

First Line: A one word title (one or two syllables)
Second Line: 4 syllables -  describes title
Third Line: 6 syllables -  expresses action
Fourth Line: 8 syllables - expresses a feeling
Fifth Line: Another word for the title (one or two syllables)

Here is an example:

White ones, black ones
Running in the meadow
Growing wooly, mother watches.


Print this page and write your poem here:



  • Cut your poem from the page. 

  • Take another sheet of paper.

  • Draw a large sheep on it and color the picture. 

  • Draw the sheep large enough so that your poem will fit in the middle of it. 

  • Paste your poem inside the colored sheep.

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