A Bird Flu Journey
A  WebQuest for Middle School or Junior High, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University



Bird Flu has been a big topic in the news.  Many people worry and others just have a lot of questions about it.  The disease is properly referred to as "Avian Influenza".  Avian Influenza has been in the United States before.  How will we deal with it this time?

Your task is to learn enough about bird flu that you can answer questions that your classmates might have.  Is it safe to eat chicken Nuggets at your favorite fast food restaurant?  Is it safe to cook and eat the turkey that has been frozen in your freezer?  Are we at risk of catching the disease ourselves?  Can my cat get sick with bird flu?  What countries have it now?

Step 1:  Visit the links below to learn about bird flu.

Step 2: Work singly or in a small group to create a poster that will inform your friends about one of these:

  • How to protect yourself from Bird Flu

  • Proper handling and food safety of poultry meat products

  • Can Bird Flu affect your pet?

  • What are we doing about Bird Flu in Wild Birds?

  • Is there going to be a Pandemic?

  • How do poultry farms use biosecurity to avoid the disease?

  • The different kinds of Bird Flu.

Step 3:  Print out maps of the eastern and western hemispheres.  Locate and identify on your maps all of the countries that currently have high pathogen Bird Flu.

Step 4:  After you have visited the web pages listed under step 1, visit this web page for a video project.

You now know that Avian Influenza is a concern all over the world.  You also are more aware of the steps that the United States is taking to protect us and our food from Bird Flu.


Rubric For Bird Flu Projects

7 pts.
5 pts.
2 pts.
0 pts.
Bird Flu Poster
Poster demonstrates strong understanding of the problem and includes adequate documentation.
Poster demonstrates some understanding of the problem and includes adequate documentation. Poster demonstrates little understanding of the problem and includes inadequate documentation. No attempt.
Bird Flu Map Maps are complete and include the latest countries with Bird Flu. Maps are mostly correct. Only one map attempted. No attempt at mapping.
Video Clips Paper meets all listed criteria and is very well written and demonstrates an understanding of the problem. Well written but does not follow all written criteria or does not demonstrate a true understanding of the problem. Paper is poorly written and demonstrates limited understanding of the problem. No attempt to follow criteria. No understanding demonstrated.

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