Bird Flu Video Activity
A  WebQuest for Middle School or Junior High, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University 

Look at these video clips of bird situations:

Clip 1 - Wild geese on a farmer's pond

Clip 2 - Poultry at an auction

Clip 3 - A turkey farm

Step 1: Make a graphic organizer detailing the vulnerabilities to Bird Flu that you observed in each of the three video clips.

Step 2: Write a 1-3 page paper comparing and contrasting these vulnerabilities.

  • Be sure you identify the problems you will be addressing in the opening paragraph.
  • You must identify and explain fully what you feel is the greatest vulnerability in each of the three situations.
  • Include a possible scenario for solving each of the problems.
  • Your conclusion or summary paragraph must reintegrate the problems and briefly describe your solution.

Step 3: In the final project, include:

  • a page with the completed graphic organizer
  • a first draft with corrections in red ink, use normal English correction symbols
  • a final draft with no errors in spelling or grammatical usage.
  • Paper Format
  1. Use standard 1" margins
  2. 12 point font, either Ariel or Courier if possible in the title and body of the paper
  3. Use 10 pt. font in the Header
  4. pagination after page one in the upper right hand corner in the Header
  5. Name (first and last) in the Header in the upper left hand corner - first line
  6. 2nd line - Class name and teacher last name
  7. 3rd line - Date paper is due

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