An "A-Maize-ing Plant" - Corn - Rubric for Grading
A  WebQuest for Grades 3-5, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

You will be graded on your projects. Grading will be based on participation, creativity, accuracy, and overall presentational design. You will also be monitored during the course of the WebQuest to see how well you understand the material. Be cooperative and contribute your fair share to the group's effort. Your teacher will be taking this into account for your final grade. 



Name __________________________________













Research & Gather Information

Does not collect any information that relates to the topic.

Collects very little information--some relates to the topic.

Collects some basic information--most relates to the topic.

Collects a great deal of information--all relates to the topic.


Share Information

Does not relay any information to teammates.

Relays very little information--some relates to the topic.

Relays basic information--most relates to the topic.

Relays a great deal of information--all relates to the topic.



Writing skills show numerous spelling and grammar errors.

Applies writing skills with few critical errors.

Shows understanding of writing skills with very few errors.

Shows mastery of writing skills necessary to complete the activity.


Take Responsibility






Fulfill Team Role's Duties

Neglected to fulfill responsibilities within the group.

Minimally fulfilled responsibilities within the group.

Fulfilled responsibilities within the group.

Went above and beyond expectations of the group.



Gathering of information is delayed and unorganized.

Information is gathered but not organization to adhere to teams timeline.

Works in an orderly manner and stays on task with encouragement from team.

Works in an orderly manner, materials ready and stays on task to complete project.









Incorrect facts are presented.

Little facts are presented.

Some facts are presented with some explanation.

Many facts are presented and they are listed in a clear concise manner.



No creativity in elements presented.

Few creative elements are presented.

Some creative elements present.

Many creative elements present


Presentation of final projects.

Few or irrelevant illustrations, overall sloppy appearance.

Limited illustrations and minimal effort shown on appearance of project.

Good illustrations, overall neat presentation.

Creative and relevant illustrations, excellent overall presentation.









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