Cow Eyes
A  WebQuest for Grades 6 - 8, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

Have you ever wondered what is inside your eye?  When  you look in the mirror or at a friend, you see the outer part of the eye.  What are those parts called and what is beyond (behind) what we see?  Through this WebQuest you will learn about the human eye and its functions.  To understand what is inside your eye and how it works we will also examine a cow's eye and virtually dissect it.  A cow's eye has many similarities to a human eye and you will discover those similarities and differences.

You will be able to label all the parts of the eye on a diagram and explain their functions.  You will also be able to navigate through a virtual dissection of a cow's eye and understand the parts as you uncover them.

1. Click here to learn about the eye.  For a more indepth understanding of how the eye works, click here.  

2. Answer the questions on this worksheet.

3. With your understanding of how the eye works,  click here to go through a virtual dissection of a cow's eye.

4. Draw and label an eye with all the parts you have learned.

5. Here is a link if you would like more information about beef cattle or the cattle industry.

The eye is a complex organ in the body.  Through this WebQuest, you should now have a better understanding of how the eye works, the different parts, and their functions.


Rubric for Cow Eye Projects


10 pts.

8 pts.

6 pts.


0 pts.

Question and Answer worksheet All questions completed with accurate answers 9-11 questions answered  correctly 6-8 questions  answered  correctly less than 6 questions  answered  correctly worksheet not turned in 
Drawing and labeling of eye Drawing is accurate and all parts are included Drawing is partially accurate with 7-10 correctly labeled parts Drawing is partially accurate with 4-6 correctly labeled parts Drawing is inaccurate and missing more than 7 correctly labeled parts no drawing turned in

Photos are from Lyndon Irwin.

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