Cow Eyes Activity Page
A  WebQuest for Grades 6 - 8, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


Date: _______________________

Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

1. Compare and contrast how your eye is like a camera?



2. Why do you have eyelashes and eyelids?



3. Why do we have tears?




4. How many fluids are in the eye and what is their purpose?




5. How is a cow eye similar to the human eye and why do you think we use it when studying the human eye?



6. Without ___________________ there would be no ____________________.

7. Approximately how big is the eye?


8. Define Refraction.



9. Define Accommodation.



10. What are photoreceptors and their function?




11. What is the most common cause of blindness?


12. In your own words describe how the eye works. Make sure to use specific names of the eye parts and their function. You may draw diagrams or pictures to help with your explanation.













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