Dig into Dairy Student Review Page
A  WebQuest for Middle School Students, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

Students: Make sure you can answer the following questions about all six major dairy breeds!

1. Which dairy breed is most popular in the United States and why? What color/s can this breed be?

2. Which breed is the smallest in stature? What major dairy contributions are this breed known for and why? What color/s can this breed be?

3. What is the coat/color pattern of the Guernsey breed? How popular is this breed still today and why?

4. Which dairy breed originated in Switzerland? What color/coat pattern does this breed carry?

5. Which breed is a combination of Red/White or Roan? What are a few of this breeds dairy advantages?

6. The Ayrshire breed is known for udder strength and balance. What are some other breed characteristics both good and bad that this breed possesses?

7. Name the important parts of the dairy cow.

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