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You will be graded on your projects. Grading will be based on participation, creativity, accuracy, and overall presentational design. You will also be monitored during the course of the WebQuest to see how well you understand the material. Be cooperative and contribute your fair share to the group's effort. Your teacher will be taking this into account for your final grade.

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Task 3 2 1
Worksheet All 8 definitions filled out and examples given 6-7 definitions filled out and or some examples given 5 or fewer definitions filled out or many examples missing
Food Chain All 4 food chains are present and clearly labeled with appropriate terms. All 4 food chains are present and are mostly labeled with the appropriate terms. Less than 4 food chains are present or they are unclearly labeled.
Paragraphs Two paragraphs are clearly written. Paragraph #1 discusses life before the cat and paragraph #2 discusses life after the cat. Two paragraphs are written discussing life before and after the cat. Less than two paragraphs are present or they do not discuss the required material.


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