WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

This WebQuest meets the following Missouri Grade Level Expectations for the third grade in Science and Communication Arts:


Standard 4: Changes in Ecosystems and Interactions of Organisms with Their Environments

2. Matter and energy flow through an ecosystem

Concept A: As energy flows through the ecosystem, all organisms must capture the portion of energy available to them and transform it to a useable form.


a. Identify sunlight as the primary source of energy plants use to produce their own food.

b. Classify populations of organisms as producers, consumers, decomposers by the role they serve in the ecosystem.

c. Differentiate between three types of consumers (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore)

d. Categorize organisms as predator or prey in a given ecosystem.

e. Sequence the flow of energy through a food chain beginning with the sun.

f. Predict the possible effects of removing an organism from a food chain.


Strand: Reading

Standard 3: Develop and apply skills and strategies to comprehend, analyze and evaluate nonfiction, (such as biographies, newspapers, technical manuals) from a variety of cultures and times.

Objective C:

Use details from the text to:

  • answer questions
  • organize a sequence of events
  • identify simple cause and effect
  • draw conclusions
  • make inferences about problems and solutions

Strand: Writing

Standard 3: Write effectively in various forms of writing

Objective B: Identify information in written text to complete an organizer

Strand: Information Literacy

Standard 1: Develop and apply effective research process skills to gather, analyze, and evaluate information

Objective B: Locate information on keywords in provided resources


Answers to the worksheet:

Definition Example
Herbivore: Animals that eat only plants  
Omnivore: Animals that eat both plants and animals  
Carnivore: Animals that eat animals  
Prey: The animal that is hunted by the predator  
Predator: An animal that hunts others  
Producer: Living things that make food from the air and the sun  
Consumer: Living things that eat use the producers for food  
Decomposer: Living things that feed off of dead plants and animals  


Rubric for the Project

Task 3 2 1
Worksheet All 8 definitions filled out and examples given 6-7 definitions filled out and or some examples given 5 or fewer definitions filled out or many examples missing
Food Chain All 4 food chains are present and clearly labeled with appropriate terms. All 4 food chains are present and are mostly labeled with the appropriate terms. Less than 4 food chains are present or they are unclearly labeled.
Paragraphs Two paragraphs are clearly written. Paragraph #1 discusses life before the cat and paragraph #2 discusses life after the cat. Two paragraphs are written discussing life before and after the cat. Less than two paragraphs are present or they do not discuss the required material.


Language Arts: Writing, Sec. 1


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