The “Udderly” Amazing Milk WebQuest!

WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


It has been said that milk is nature’s most perfect food because milk is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. No other food provides a more complete supply of the nutrients we need to live than "udderly" amazing milk. However, milk production is no easy task. The days of Farmer Brown going out to the barn to milk the family’s cow are long gone. Today, dairy producers are using a great deal of science and technology to produce over 7.5 million glasses of milk every day.



A local milk processor has offered a large cash prize to the student who can develop the most effective milk promotional campaign. You have decided to take part in the competition. You will have to present your ideas to the manager of the local milk processor with a poster board or power point presentation. If you do well this could mean big bucks…it's up to you!



Step 1: WHY MILK? will tell you about important nutrients in milk.

Step 2: Keep a daily log of your own dairy product consumption for one week. Then write a short essay that explains why you do or do not consume dairy products. What would make you want to drink more milk?

Step 3: Visit the links below to learn more about milk, dairy products and dairy advertising campaigns.

  • Click here to see a video of cows being milked in a modern milk parlor.
  • To learn more about milk promotions, visit this link to learn about the "got milk?"

Step 4: Use PowerPoint or other presentation method to develop and construct your campaign presentation.



Thank you for taking part in this "Udderly" Amazing Milk WebQuest. Consuming milk and dairy products is an important part of our diet. Dairy farmers produce a very nutritional yet relatively inexpensive product. Still many people claim they are not milk drinkers. Perhaps your promotional campaign will win them over.



Click here see the scoring guide for the "Udderly" Amazing Milk WebQuest.



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