The Story of Milk
A WebQuest for Grades 2-3, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University 

Cows that are well cared for produce wholesome, healthy milk. The dairy farmer keeps the cows healthy by making sure they have plenty of grain, green grass and hay to eat.

Every morning and evening the farmer milks the cows. Some farmers milk their cows by hand. Others use milking machines. After the farmer milks the cows, he cools it and stores it in a stainless steel tank. The milk stays in the tank until it is time for it to go to the milk processing plant.

When it is time to take the milk to the processing plant, a stainless steel tank truck comes from the farm and pumps the milk from the cooling tank. The truck’s tank acts like a huge thermos bottle and keeps the milk cool during the trip to the processing plant.

When the milk arrives at the processing plant, workers take it and make it into many delicious, healthy things to eat. Some of the milk goes into the carton your parents buy at the store or the smaller cartons you drink at school. The rest is made into products like butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and cottage cheese.

Source: OSU Cooperative Extension Service, Animal Science Department

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