Just Goobers
A  WebQuest for Grades 3-4, WebQuest 
Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


Congratulations!  You are about to become a “Goober” expert.  George Washington Carver was an important scientist who helped revitalize the soil in the south by introducing the peanut plant to southern farmers.  Through his experiments, inventions and discoveries he created over 300 uses of the peanut.  Now it is your turn to become a scientist, just like George Washington Carver, who is going to discover the benefits and uses of the peanut plant.


The local “goober” association feels that the public needs to be more aware of George Washington Carver and his contributions to farmers and society by introducing and inventing the importance and uses of peanuts.  On this WebQuest, you will research and present information on George Washington Carver, the peanut plant and the uses of the peanut.  You will also invent a new peanut product and create a peanut recipe book.


Step 1   To complete these tasks the class will be divided into groups of  three.

Step 2   Each member will choose a role, research information and prepare a brief oral and specific visual presentation to present to the class.  The provided links will help in the research of your role.

Biographer – you will create a timeline of the important events in the life of George Washington Carver.  You must include at least 10 entries on your timeline.

Farmer – you will write a brief paragraph on the planting and harvesting of the peanut.  You must include the planting, growing and harvesting seasons. Then draw a United States map  and label the states that grow peanuts.

Goober – you will draw a diagram of the peanut plant and label the plant parts.  You will also compile a list of at least 15 peanut by-products.

Step 3   Following the completion of Step 2, you will research different peanut recipes and choose one you would like to include in our recipe book.  Be sure to write your recipe on the peanut outline

Step 4   When all individuals have finished their role and found a recipe, the group will meet and invent a new product made from peanuts.  You must have a drawing of your product and be able to tell how it is beneficial to the consumer.

Visit these sites for additional information about George Washington Carver and peanuts:



National Park Service


Great work!  You are now experts on George Washington Carver and peanuts.   I am positive the public is now more aware of the importance of George Washington Carver and his inventions with the peanut.  Now it’s time to gobble up some goobers!


You will be evaluated using the rubric below.

Poor Good  Excellent

Group Cooperation


Printable version of evaluation rubric.

Peanut pattern to create the cover of the recipe book.  Use brown paper to trace or copy the pattern.



Photographs from USDA On Line Photography Center.

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