My Favorite Pizza Ingredients
A WebQuest for Grade 4, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University 


As you learn about Pizza, you will discover that the ingredients for every style and flavor of pizza are grown by farmers around the world. These different styles and flavors of pizza are made from food products and sold in grocery stores everywhere.

Choose three of your favorite topping ingredients from the following list to put on your pizza crust: 1. tomato (pizza sauce) 2. mozzarella or parmesan cheese (from protein in milk) 3. Pepperoni 4. Italian Sausage 5. Olives and Olive Oil 6. Mushrooms 7. Onion 8. Green Bell Peppers 9. Basil (herb for seasoning) and 10. Pineapple

Next, research these three food products.

Complete this activity by Writing a short report about each ingredient. Be sure to include where the food is grown, how it is processed to make pizza ingredients, and why you like the taste of the ingredients. Your teacher will provide further instructions.

Here are several useful Internet sites where you can research your ingredients. Your teacher may provide you with other sites.

How cheese is made.

How Tomatoes are grown

How tomato sauce is made

How Pepperoni is made

How Sausage is made

How Wheat Flour is made

How Olive Oil is made.

How Pizza Sauce is made

How Peppers are grown

How Onions are grown


Projects Rubric  

10 pts.
8 pts.
 6 pts.
0 pts.


Completion of all project requirements Progressing  towards project requirements Some attempt at project requirements No attempt.


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