Plant Parts Salad Bar

A WebQuest for Grades 1-2, WebQuest Agricultural Series
by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


Try our salad bar!  We have the freshest of roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers!  Yuck, you say?  On this quest you will find foods that really are roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers.  Try them, you may really like them!

At the end of this quest you will be able to name the six main parts of plants, their jobs, and food samples of each part.

You will soon know what you are eating when you go to the salad bar!

1.  Read to learn about what plant parts look like and their jobs by clicking here

2.  After you read about plants, label the parts of a plant by clicking here.

3. Then print the page and give it to your teacher to check.

4. Next, read the list of parts to find some of your favorite foods in each part by clicking here.

5. Make a list of your favorites to give to the teacher.

6.  Use all you have learned to make a book from paper plates.

⇒ Get 6 paper plates from your teacher. 
⇒ Write one name on each plate, use the 6 different plant parts.
⇒ Write a sentence on each plate telling about that plant part. 
⇒ Now draw 2 or more pictures of vegetables on each plate that are examples of that plant part.
⇒ Staple the plates together with the help of your teacher.

Plant parts from the salad bar are healthy and yummy part of our meals.  Eat up!

Teachers will evaluate the finished book made of paper plates using the following rubric:

  0 1 2 3 4 5
All six plant parts labeled?            
Accurate description of each part?            
Beginning capitals and ending periods?            
Complete sentences?            
At least 2 drawings of foods fitting for each plant part?            




Photographs from USDA On Line Photography Center.

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