Too Many Pumpkins

A WebQuest for Grades K-2, WebQuest Agricultural Series
by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University

Author Linda White
Illustrated by Megan Lloyd



You have just finished reading or listening to the book "Too Many Pumpkins." Imagine that you are a friend of Rebecca's. She has called you and said that she will bring you some pumpkins. Rebecca arrives with a truck load of pumpkins. What will you do with all of these pumpkins?

Your task is to learn about how pumpkins grow. After you have learned about how they grow, you will be learning about the ways that pumpkins are used.

Step 1: Here is a website about how pumpkins grow. Read through the website with a helper. Look at the pictures. You will need to print the pictures.

Step 2.  There are many fun poems about pumpkins. Your teacher will help you divide into groups of three.  With a helper, read the poems: The Pumpkin Vine, The Pumpkin Song and The Pumpkin Poem. Your group needs to choose their favorite poem and print the poem.

Step 3.  In the fall, pumpkins are used as decorations. One of the ways that children like to use pumpkins as a decoration is to make a jack-o-lantern. Many different faces and moods can be made while carving a pumpkin.

Step 4:  Many tasty treats can be made from pumpkin. Look at some of therecipes of delicious foods to eat.

⇒ Assignment 1:  Color the pictures that you printed from the website. Cut out the pictures. On  black chart paper, glue the pictures in the correct order.

⇒ Assignment 2:  Your group will make up hand actions to go along with the poem. As the poem is read your group will perform the hand motions in front of the class.

⇒ Assignment 3:  Go to the websites linked in Step 3. You may color or design your own pumpkin on the computer. When you have your favorite one completed, print that jack-o-lantern. Write three complete sentences that tell about your jack-o-lantern.

⇒ Assignment 4:  Pick three recipes. Print these recipes. You will take these home to share with your parents.

You now know that pumpkins have many different uses. You have learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin! You may want to plant your own pumpkin patch next spring!

Rubric for Pumpkin Projects


2 pts.

1 pts.

0 pts.

Life Cycle Order

All picture frames are in order

1 or 2 frames are out of order

All picture frames are out of order

Poem Group Work

Works well with others

Needs reminding to work with group

Can not work well in group


Begins all sentences with capital and ends with a period

Begins some sentences with a capital and ended some with a period

Did not begin sentences with a capital and end with a period

Complete Sentences

All sentences have a complete thought

Some sentences have a complete thought

No sentences have a complete thought


Design a Pumpkin Face

Carve a Pumpkin on the Computer


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