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A  WebQuest for Middle School Students, WebQuest Agricultural Series by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


Read the following scenario based on the life of a tree. Then using a large, round paper plate provide by your teacher, draw and label the tree rings and all important facts related to the tree on you paper plate. Refer to your web links as needed.


This is the year 2007.    When this tree was harvested in May of this year, 37 rings on the tree stump were visible.   In 1973, a large fire swept through this forest and there is a distinct black marking  in the tree rings.  In 1980 and 1981, a severe drought ravaged this area , also very noticeable in the rings.  In 1987, your  tree survived a very rainy year.   Again in 1999, a huge fire wiped out much of the forest and your tree recorded the history.   Now in 2005 and 2006, your tree was again under severe drought conditions. 

Now draw the tree's life on the paper plate using the above information. Remember, the center of the tree would represent the most recent additions of cells and the most recent year. So, the center of the paper plate should be the present year's ring and work backwards from there. What year did this tree start growing? The outside ring on the paper plate will be 2007.

You have just completed a history of the tree using a paper plate made from a tree!!!!!!

Now using the same information provided in the scenario above, draw and label a Time-Line that includes all of the provided tree facts. You may wish to tape pages of art or typing paper together to provide adequate space for the Time-Line. After you have labeled all of the information provided, add facts based on your own life and family tree to the Time-Line. Be creative, use events from your life that have helped define your family and who you are as a person. Your birth, when you learned to skate board, the birth of your siblings, your first football or volleyball game, parents wedding, military service, grandparents , etc. Anything that ties in with the age of this tree is o.k. as long as it is appropriate. The goal of this activity is to tie your life and the tree's life together.

Describe in a 2 paragraph essay, how DBH is calculated and how this ultimately relates to the amount of lumber we obtain from a tree.

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