A WebQuest for Grades K-2, WebQuest Agricultural Series
by Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri State University


Perhaps you say "Yuck, Vegetables!"  Vegetables may not be your favorite food to eat but in this WebQuest you will learn about some vegetables and why they are an important part of your diet.

Your task is to visit (or learn about) a Farmers Market, gain the ability to identify vegetables and perhaps to produce your own vegetable garden.  This WebQuest will allow you to see the growing process and understand why vegetables are an important part of your daily diet.

Step 1:  Take a virtual field trip to a Farmers Market.   

Step 2.  Read "The Vegetables We Eat" by Gail Gibbons. 

Your teacher will provide you with some vegetable pictures. Select your favorite vegetable and color it. 

Based on the vegetable pictures colored, rank five vegetables that were liked  best toleast. Create a class bar graph which shows which were favorites and which were not.  

As a class, discuss the different vegetables chosen. 

Step 3.  Read  "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens.

⇒ After reading the book, do you know which part of the plant that you are eating?  Are you eating the tops, middles or bottoms?

 ⇒ Complete this fun activity.   Identify the plant parts correctly and see if you can make a yummy salad.  

Step 4:  Watch a vegetable garden grow.  Now that you have seen how vegetables grow from seeds it is time to plant your own miniature vegetable garden.

⇒ Use a large clear plastic tub and fill with soil, by using a clear tub you will be able to view the root systems of the plants.  

⇒ Decide what kinds of vegetables to grow in the garden.  If you choose carrots you will need a tub that is deep. 

⇒ Create a garden journal . Track growth and changes in the vegetables to record. 

⇒ Once the garden's growth is complete,  harvest the produce. Taste the vegetables and discuss which vegetables you like and dislike.

Step 5:  Complete the two assignments below.

Assignment 1: Identify which foods are vegetables.

Assignment 2:  Use a six step process draw the stages of growing a vegetable from seed to finished product.

Now that you know where your vegetables come from and how good they are for you, make sure to include them in your daily diet.

Rubric for Vegetable Projects


 10 pts.

5 pts.

 2 pts.

0 pts.

Accurately Identify Vegetables Accurately identifies all vegetables Accurately identifies 3 vegetables Accurately identifies 1 vegetables No Attempt
Depicts Accurate Growing Cycle of a Vegetable Plant Completes all stages of a vegetable plant growing cycle Completes 3 stages of a vegetable plant growing cycle Completes 1 stage of a vegetable plant growing cycle No Attempt


Photos are from Dr. Lyndon Irwin.

This WebQuest was created by teachers participating in Missouri's Agriculture in the Classroom program at Missouri State University through a USDA grant.  The template on this site was adapted from a template from The WebQuest Page and the original was designed by Dr. Lyndon Irwin.  Assistance for this project was provided by Mrs. Barbara Irwin, M.S. and Mrs. Diane Olson, M.S.

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